You Are Not Perfect, But You Are Enough

There is a magical weightlessness that comes with the word, “enough.” In some contexts it means the stopping of something in an attempt to not overwhelm. Otherwise it simply means “as much or as many as required.” Either way, it signifies that there is no need for more. It is all that’s needed, just as it stands.

Share, But Don’t Take Things That Aren’t Yours

“Hey! That’s my Coke!” I said.
“We’re married. What’s yours is mine, babe.” was his cheeky response.
It’s true that when you marry someone, so much of your life: houses, kids, money, food, etc.– falls into the “what’s yours is mine” category. But what about stress? What about anxiety?

Four Things To Remember When You Feel Stuck

No matter how hard we try to avoid them, there are potholes in the road of life. Whether they appear in the forms of setbacks or obstacles, there are times in our lives when things do not go according to plan. The thing about potholes, is you can either keep going through them or getContinue reading “Four Things To Remember When You Feel Stuck”

Why Stillness Is Better Than Productivity

We pride ourselves on outward achievements and accolades. Our own self worth has become so entangled with our ability to, make more sales, make more money, and get promoted that we chase productivity and tout our busy schedules as badges of honor. We believe that the more productive we are, the closer we are getting to what we really want in life.