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Hi, I’m Shené. I’m a Korean adoptee, former Middle School English teacher, and new Mama-to-be! I began Becoming Boulder when I left my job to move with my husband from Boston to Boulder. When I’m not writing you can find me in the kitchen whipping up new recipies, tackling a new passion project, or getting lost in nature. I love writing about Life’s adventures and challenges from adoption and mental health, to women’s empowerment and motherhood!

The Kids Are Alright, But What About Me?

“I can’t do it!” I cried to my fiancé. “What am I going to tell people? What will they think? Then, the real panic hit. “How am I going to plan for ten days of sub plans? We are in the middle of a giant writing unit. What am I going to do if I…

In Search of Myself

*Originally written and published in 2018* “I believe in knowing who you are but without limiting yourself to your own expectation of who you are.”-Charlotte Erikkson  Have you ever seen a movie where a character finds out some earth-shattering news and there is a moment when they fall apart and dramatically say, “My whole life…

The Idea of “Nothing”

We tried to fall back on our usual routine of talking about each other’s days. He still rattled off excitedly or frustratedly about things that were happening at the office, barely pausing to take a breath. My answer to his question of, “What did you do today?” became reduced to one word–”Nothing.”

Why Stillness Is Better Than Productivity

We pride ourselves on outward achievements and accolades. Our own self worth has become so entangled with our ability to, make more sales, make more money, and get promoted that we chase productivity and tout our busy schedules as badges of honor. We believe that the more productive we are, the closer we are getting…

10 Truths For A Happier You

While over the past decade I learned to do things like let my eyebrows grown in, stop obsessively tanning, and not wear leopard print with lace-up jeans, I also became happier because I learned these 10 Truths:

Four Things To Remember When You Feel Stuck

No matter how hard we try to avoid them, there are potholes in the road of life. Whether they appear in the forms of setbacks or obstacles, there are times in our lives when things do not go according to plan. The thing about potholes, is you can either keep going through them or get…

Share, But Don’t Take Things That Aren’t Yours

“Hey! That’s my Coke!” I said. “We’re married. What’s yours is mine, babe.” was his cheeky response. It’s true that when you marry someone, so much of your life: houses, kids, money, food, etc.– falls into the “what’s yours is mine” category. But what about stress? What about anxiety?

You’ve Suffered A Loss…

It goes without saying that the past few weeks of social distancing and sheltering in place have been hard on everyone. As much as we try to maintain routine, stay positive, and tell ourselves “this too shall pass,” many are starting to feel the weight of having our worlds rocked so suddenly.

You Need A New Routine

We create and cling to routines because they provide a sense of order, a feeling of normalcy. Above everything else, routines are how we attempt to control the tiniest bits of our lives in an often chaotic world.

You Are Not Perfect, But You Are Enough

There is a magical weightlessness that comes with the word, “enough.” In some contexts it means the stopping of something in an attempt to not overwhelm. Otherwise it simply means “as much or as many as required.” Either way, it signifies that there is no need for more. It is all that’s needed, just as…

Water Your Own Lawn

It’s natural when things are hard to fall back on the old adage that “the grass is always greener,” but what if I told you that you need to stop admiring everyone else’s lawn and water your own?

Word of The Year: 2021

Last year, my word of the year was, FORWARD. I created a vision board and spent my energy in 2020 focusing on moving towards the future instead of looking back on the past. This year my word is…

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