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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

It surprised me how effortlessly conversation flowed. We talked about her upcoming wedding, her dog, my sisters, and Clara. We even started to talk about “Pachinko.” I found myself not wanting the conversation to end, and felt that the feeling was mutual as it was past midnight in Korea. Finally, she had to say goodbye…

Out of The Fog of “coming out of the fog”

But since “coming out of the fog” I would say that overall, the forecast has been cloudy at best. There are many rain showers, hurricanes, tornadoes, the occasional tsunami, and maybe, on a good day, the temperature reaches a mere 65 degrees with a light breeze instead of a cold, damp, and gray 42. Sometimes…

The Ebb & Flow

I went from feeling like my childhood was hard because of racism, to feeling like my childhood was hard because of my adoption.

My Labor & Delivery Story

It’s taken me a long time to sit down and write this, and as I do so, I find myself flooded with emotions and moments I have honestly tried to push aside during the past two and a half months.


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Hi, I’m Shené. I’m a Korean adoptee, educator, writer, podcaster, and new Mama! I began Becoming Boulder when I left my job to move with my husband from Boston to Boulder. When I’m not writing you can find me chasing after our daughter, recording and editing a new podcast episode, or getting involved in the KAD community. I love writing about Life’s adventures and challenges from adoption and mental health, to women’s empowerment and motherhood!

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