About the Blog

“I specifically chose the name ‘Becoming Boulder’ because that’s what I wanted to be–bolder.”

Becoming Boulder began as a place for me to work through, reflect on, process, and share my feelings and experiences when my husband and I first moved from Boston to Boulder back in July of 2019. 

2018 had been a rough year for us. We were planning our wedding, both working round the clock–I in my eighth year of teaching Middle School English and he working at a start-up, and then the wheels kind of came off. I had a massive depressive episode, was hospitalized and diagnosed with BiPolar II Disorder, and elected to take a leave of absence from work. In the midst of individual and couples therapy, balancing finances, and lots of stress, we still managed to get married and go on our honeymoon. 

Needless to say, our move halfway across the country was our way of getting a fresh start and hitting the reset button both personally and professionally. 

Having come out the other side from my struggles with managing my BiPolar symptoms, we agreed that I should still take the first year in CO to get my bearings, figure out if I wanted to continue teaching, and focus on myself for a change.

And so, Becoming Boulder was born! 

Where We’ve Been

Last year, my blogs were heavily focused on healing trauma from my adoption, my mental health, and gaining self confidence. I specifically chose the name “Becoming Boulder” because that’s what I wanted to be–bolder.  I no longer wanted to live my whole life for others or be afraid to speak my mind, and my blog was my own little way of doing that and sharing what I learned. 

In 2021 we welcomed our daughter and my voyage into motherhood added even more feels and layers to my adoptee identity. I put writing on the back burner to focus on raising my daughter, but I also started the podcast, “Seoul Conversations” and grew even more connected within the TRA and KAD communities.

Where We Are:

For those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning, you might notice a shift in tone or focus as I continue to evolve as a human, as a mom, and as an adoptee, but I still hope that my blogs will continue to make you feel seen, validated, and connected.

Happy Reading, 


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