Second Trimester Must-Haves

I can’t believe that I’m already in the third trimester! Unlike the first, I feel like the second trimester just flew by! Between the holidays and all of the nesting, it seems like I blinked and suddenly I’m at 28 weeks. While this trimester has definitely been easier and more fun, it’s still had some challenges that warranted these absolute necessities! 

  1. Pregnancy Pillow

Everyone told me that I was going to need one of these sooner or later, and I’m so glad that I got mine on the earlier side (although my husband might not say the same thing). There are so many different kinds of pregnancy pillows from wedges, to U-shaped, to this C-shaped one that I decided to get. Buy whatever works best for you, but just buy one. Trust me, your back and belly will thank you for it! 

I personally love the C-shaped one because I can easily slip out of it for middle of the night bathroom runs without needing to totally untangle myself. Additionally, I’ve found it to be a great support while I’m sitting on the couch because I can easily contort it to get me padding or cushioning to ease pressure on my back. 

  1. CeraVe Facewash

It’s no secret that your hormones go haywire when you’re pregnant, and for me that meant getting even worse acne on my face than when I was a teenager. However, you need to be careful with the acne treatments you use during pregnancy because a lot of the heavy-hitters are not so safe for baby. I love my Cera Ve facewash because it keeps my acne at bay, but it’s super gentle on my sensitive skin and totally safe for baby. I also love that it keeps my face moisturized during this dry Colorado winter weather. 

  1. Belli Skincare Acne Control Spot Treatment 

Okay, so I didn’t just get facial acne; I got acne everywhere, especially on my chest. And for some reason, it is even more stubborn than the acne on my face. Thankfully, I discovered Belli’s Acne Spot Treatment! Although it hasn’t totally made my acne or scars disappear, it’s made a significant difference. I love that Belli is pregnancy safe, and all of their products are either non-fragrant or carry a super light, all-natural lavender scent. I also use their body wash at night and it’s super soothing! 

  1. Motivational Water Bottle

Drinking water is so important when you’re pregnant. Did you know that you’re supposed to drink at least 10 8oz glasses of water a day? I personally struggle hardcore with staying hydrated, and having a marked water bottle helps me make sure that I get enough fluid throughout the day. There are so many stylish “motivational” water bottles out there, and they range from simple hourly markers to ones that have profane encouragement! Also, if you hate drinking plain water, get one that has an infuser basket. That way you can flavor your water with some lemon or other fruits to make drinking more fun. 

  1. Old Navy Maternity Leggings

Do yourself a favor and get some maternity leggings. Whether you exercise or not, they are just so much more comfortable than even trying to squeeze into a pair of maternity jeans. I’ve personally been loving the Old Navy Plain Black because they have been both squat proof and easy on my wallet. 

  1. Exercise Ball

AKA my new chair at the dinner table. I don’t really use mine for exercise, or at least I haven’t yet. However, this trimester it feels like no chair or couch is comfortable. Even sitting and watching TV with the hubs on the couch at night brings on relentless lower back pain. In comes my exercise ball! I literally sit on it all the time. In fact, I’m sitting on it as I’m typing this blog right now. It instantly relieves the pressure in my lower back, prompts me to sit up straight, and I can even get in a bit of core stabilizing motion depending on if I choose to lightly bounce or play with my balance. 

  1. Online Yoga/ Prenatal Exercise 

Online workouts have been all the rage during this pandemic, but during this pregnancy they have been even more valuable. Personally, I’ve been really slacking in the walking department this trimester –mostly because it’s been so cold and icy outside. Being able to throw down a mat in the living room and move my body for 20-30 minutes each day has really eased some of the discomfort and helped me to sleep better at night. There are tons of prenatal yoga videos out there on YouTube, but I personally love Yoga With Adriene. Although not many of her videos are strictly prenatal, they are easy to modify for your pregnant belly. Additionally, I’ve continued my online membership with my home yoga studio, Amana Yoga,  as well as an online membership with a barre studio I attended back in Boston that has a whole pre & post Strong Mama program which is more barre & pilates oriented.

  1. Papaya Extract

With the second trimester came heartburn. Full on, dragon fire heartburn. It doesn’t matter what I eat or when; it always happens. And it gets so much worse at night. In addition to sleeping semi-propped up and on my left side, I’ve found that taking Papaya Extract after each meal helps me tremendously. It’s an all natural alternative to Tums, and although it doesn’t make the heartburn go away completely, it at least makes me more comfortable without feeling guilty about putting different synthetic ingredients in my body. 

  1. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee 

I haven’t gotten stretch marks (yet). However, itchy belly is real and so annoying! I’ve been using Mama Bee religiously each morning and evening, especially right out of the shower. I rub it on my belly as well as my butt and the top of my thighs to combat dry skin and itchiness. I’ve tried some other formulas and honestly, I like this one the best because while it’s thick, it’s still creamy. It doesn’t have that wax-like pasty texture that makes you feel sticky after use. Additionally, it’s not oily and doesn’t leave residue on my clothes. 

I hope that some of these help and ease any discomfort you might be feeling during your second trimester! Honestly, this was the most enjoyable phase of my pregnancy so far, and I highly encourage mamas in their second trimester to get as much done as possible on all fronts because of the extra energy and pep. Regardless, savor every moment! 

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